FileMaker Pro

Why FileMaker Pro?

Comprised of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker Server, the FileMaker Platform is an award-winning line of products that work together to streamline your business and is an excellent platform for rapid application development and data modelling, as well as facilitating the effective management of an organized body of information. FileMaker solutions are used to streamline a wide range of functions including: project management, asset management, invoicing and billing, catalog creation, customer relationship management (CRM), patient records management, film and video production, sales and advertising management, and customer service.

  Cross-Platform Solutions

FileMaker Pro’s cross-platform capabilities allow you to access and manage your business information on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. Millions of people around the world use FileMaker Pro on a variety of devices to streamline the way their teams manage contacts, track inventory, organize projects and so much more, allowing users to access the same database at the same time.

  Stay in Touch When You’re In the Field

With FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone, teams can access data and manage crucial operational tasks while on the move. Use either a local copy of a database or connect via the internet for real-time updates that all users can see. Imagine, for example, a safety inspector collecting data in the field with FileMaker Go for iPad—taking pictures, entering notes, and uploading the data to FileMaker Server so that FileMaker Pro users in the office can see and use the data right away. The products that make up the FileMaker Platform work together to let users see and interact with the same information in real time.

  Access Information Safely & Securely

FileMaker Pro offers an innate range of advanced security options, including user accounts, database passwords, field-level privilege sets, data encryption and more. Securely transfer your data using SSL – patched for the recent Heartbleed vulnerability. Enable powerful AES 256-bit encryption so your data is secure on your device – even if it gets out of your control.

  Connect to Familiar Data Sources

Import existing data from common formats such as Excel, .CSV, Tab, or XML into a solution to eliminate duplicate data entry. Or create secure two-way connections with external data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL databases.

  Make Data Easy to Read

Eye-catching reports and charts within FileMaker help visualize, interpret and share your data more easily.

FMP Rates*

Standard Rate: $125/hr.

Standard rate applies to all scheduled work, including research, discussion, development and offsite or remote technical support.

Essential Rate: $175/hr.

Essential rate applies to any unscheduled or emergency work, and work requested outside of standard business hours (M-F; 9am - 5pm) or during holidays and announced office closures.

*Rates are billed in 15 minute increments at the published rate at the time work is conducted. Invoices are issued weekly for short term work and monthly for established ongoing client work, whether that be for maintenance issues or larger projects. Terms are 15 days. Major credit cards accepted; however we charge back for merchant fees. Amount billed is actual time worked, regardless of whether this is more or less than any estimate provided. All purchases made on behalf of our clients will incur a 20% surcharge for administrative processing.

Client Testimonials

  • Sounds Essential is a trusted partner on several demanding and highly complex development projects. Their technical skills, creativity, and most importantly, their grasp of our business needs has helped our company deliver sophisticated solutions to our (very happy) clients. Even when projects reach the "intense" stage, we really enjoy working with Sounds Essential.

    Pam Henry, Managing Partner
    Digital Spark LLC
  • Sounds Essential worked with our staff last year to create the first digital plant database in our organization’s history. This milestone not only benefits the day to day work flow of our organization, it creates the opportunity for us to share our data with others worldwide. Due to our niche high elevation ecosystems, we can share valuable insight about native plant communities and how they are adapting to climate change. Without the help from SE and funding from Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust this project would still be in conception. Working with SE made the development and implementation a pleasure for us gardeners.

    Kelly Holdbrooks, Exec. Director
    Southern Highlands Reserve
  • Sounds Essential is the best! Our company website and database are essential parts of our business. The website and database give us the professional look of who we are while also making our work flow so much easier! We highly recommend Sounds Essential.

    Charles Dwan, Owner
    Chefs Trading
  • Sounds Essential's team is the perfect combination of creativity, aesthetic vision, and technical expertise which enables them to provide innovative products. They are always responsive with questions, issues, and technical support and as the technology changes they adapt accordingly. We highly recommend Sounds Essential and they are indeed ‘essential’ to our business model.

    Wesley Wofford, Owner
    Wofford Sculpture Studio
  • Sounds Essential was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. With their guidance, we were able to update our website quickly and present a more polished and modern interface for our church. The documentation provided was clear and easy to follow, and they have been quick to respond to any questions.

    Kirsten Huscusson, Parish Administrator
    Church of the Incarnation
  • Between their exceptional level of service and versatility of skill, Sounds Essential is my first stop for anything from IT to creative... and they're my favorite partner, hands down.

    Leah G. Fallon, Owner
    Eleven Eleven Creative

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